The courses on offer cover areas such as

      1. 3D Animations
      2. Cinematography
      3. Screenwriting
      4. Sound
      5. Editing
      6. Directing
      7. Producing

Short Term Workshops: These workshops usually last for a duration of not more than 3 to 5 days. Organised periodically for participants already engaged in one employment of the other and therefore lacks time off for serious training. It is usually open to interested members of the public for a fee. Topical issues are usually handled with the basic aim of skill acquisition or enhancement of a skill set as the primary objective.

Certificate for participation are usually issued at the end of the workshops and topics cover Cinematography, new techniques in Editing among several others.

Short term workshops are also organised for and at the behest of corporate bodies such as television houses and radio stations towards further training of their staff.

Specialised Short Term Intensive Programmes: Here any of the courses are taught over a period of not less than 3 months.  It is designed solely for people who do not have time but must acquire the requisite skills required to operate in the film making and production circuits.

The courses offer students, the most intensive and comprehensive production experience possible.  Students need not have an experience in film making to attend these courses.

Full Time Courses: The programmes run from 1 year and above offers students , opportunity to acquire detailed in-depth exposure in production techniques from conceptualisation to completion.

Recommended programme for those who wish to have the full knowledge of the inner workings of the Nigerian film industry.

Admission Requirements:
All applicants are expected to have minimum entry requirements of a Junior Secondary School Certificate in Education. All candidates however, must have good command in English language and will be expected to be able to express himself/herself.

Certain courses such as Screenwriting and Directing require a basic entry requirement of a minimum of Senior Secondary School Certificate, although a University degree is recommended.

All applicants must however possess the drive and commitment necessary to complete the programme.