I just came off a meeting with a client and in the course of the meeting, the proposed client kept asking me, how much will this project cost?  In as much as this is a key item, considering that clients must be sure that they can afford to pay for the job, what makes it so frustrating is that many of the people that I deal with over here will like to first find out how much you will be willing to take for a job, before they start giving you the details for the job.  So imagine, you ask for N10,000.00 (I am making an assumption here) thinking that he or she wants you to just burn out a DVD for them.  Now, the client wants you to use a 30 foot jib for 7 days on a location and still turn out a world class job.

Please am I alone in this kind of scenario?

If you have experienced this in the course of doing business or if you think that you have the answer, please let our readers know.

Thank you.

This post was made by Chyke Chekwas

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