There is always some one so good to step up and steal the whole show. Find out how to be a good actor/actress, and how to show strong emotions that will captivate your audience.

To be a good actor/actress you must be able to connect to strong and complex emotions and make sure it is expressed in a behavioral and an accurate way. So much hard work is required from the actor to the role, character and the story. In other to deliver a good performance, the actor must live as the character and embrace the essence.

Start by studying award winning actors/actresses performance in movies and watch it several times. Once for enjoyment, secondly for the acting of the star taking note of every detail, and thirdly watch scene by scene, mimicking the actors performance. This process will allow you to learn the delicacies of acting, learning when silence is just as important as dialogue and when it says more, how to look, walk or how powerful words from a character can be.

This is about connecting to the emotional state of the character, to feel the emotions such as anger, sadness, happy, worry, fright etc. learn from your experience by thinking of times in your life when you experienced such emotions such as how you felt when you received a sack letter, how you felt when you had lost hope in getting a particular contract and all of a sudden you receive a call that says you have been awarded the contract, how you felt when you walked through a creepy grave yard. You can also consider events in the lives of people close to you, and then connect to the feelings. The audience needs to know what is happening and feel certain situations. In any situation try to portray an action that someone will display in such a situation. For example, if you are sad, show it in your eyes not only your mouth and your voice. Make it seem real, use your whole body to show your feelings.

Call up emotions on cue, once you have collected your emotional experiences, spend time reliving them, do it over and over and be very aware of the physical experience of the emotion.

How your body feel? Does your heart beat speed up? Do you get tears in your eyes?

Sharpen this physical response until you are able to think of your collections of experience and call up that response on cue.

An emotionally constricted actor who is uncomfortable with expressing anger in his life will not portray it convincing on stage or TV. One of the reasons why actors/actress have problem in expressing certain emotions, is that there are underlying personal revulsion to that particular feeling, fear of looking foolish or being vulnerable. Remove fear and move beyond your personal comfort zone. Being a good actor/actress is expressing emotions.

Be passionate about what you are doing
If you like something don’t be afraid to show it
Don’t let haters get you down, but take constructive criticism well
Keep trying and don’t ever give up
Be confident and be the true you
Take advice from experts in your profession
Don’t trample over people to get what you want
Question everything, learn something.

The more you imagine your success, the easier it will be for the rest of yourself to follow through. Imagination is a prerequisite for the acquiring of new knowledge.

This post was made by Diana Jaja

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