The Magicbrush Film Academy sponsored educational radio programme “WRITE FOR NOLLYWOOD” is now on Garden City Radio 89.9Fm every friday 3:30pm.

The programme is tailored to educate our listeners and followers on the technicalities involved in the filmmaking industry(Nollywood) as well as the media(Radio Stations, Churches and other media outlets).

At the moment the programme is focused on Screenwriting, as the episodes are arranged in such a way that aspiring screenwriters can learn the processes involved in writing a script for movie, documentary and music videos.

The programme is being packaged and produced by Magicbrush Studios Limited for Magicbrush Film Academy.

Please note that the programme will be touching other facets of the Industry:

  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Production/Production Design
  • Creativity

Magicbrush Film Academy is working assiduously in improving the state of the Nollywood industry in the south-south geopolitical zone and beyond. You can follow the programme on facebook: and download any of the episodes of the programme.

For more information, call +234-0703-007-2951.


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